Bank Of America Checking Account Agreement

The service allows you to send or receive money through your customer or small business account. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of the service if we believe, at our sole discretion, that you are using the service for other purposes, or if we believe that you are using the service in a manner that exposes Bank of America or the cell to liability, reputational damage or trademark damage. , including, but not only, using the service, to, send or receive money in connection with one of the following: No Connecticut court has dealt with the validity of a reduction in the statute of limitations in filing contracts, but courts in other jurisdictions have approved it.   See Jamison v. First Bank Georgia, 193 Ga.App. 219, 387 S.E.2d 375 (1989);  Parent Teacher Association, Public School 72 v. Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, 524 N.Y.S.2d 336 (1988);  Lower Truck Line, Inc. First State Bank, 949 S.W.2d 17 (Tex.App.1997). „Previous conditions and shortened statutes of limitations. were accepted regularly in the banking relationship, usually without a full analysis. These provisions are not only consistent with the law and case law;  they agree with public order by limiting disputes in a society where millions of banking transactions take place every day. (Quotes omitted;  Highlighted in the original.)  Id., 340;  See Concrete Materials Corp. v. Bank of Danville – Trust Co., 938 S.W.2d 254, 257 (Ky.1997) („UCC allows parties to a pawn contract to agree among themselves on their obligations and the resulting legal consequences.

  A deposit contract may have preconditions equivalent to a reduced statute of limitations. The aim of these agreements is to promote the investigation and retention of evidence and, as such, to comply with public order by limiting litigation in an area where so many banking transactions are carried out on a daily basis“;  Canfield v. Bank One, Texas, N.A., 51 S.W.3d 828, 836 (Tex.App.2001) („[c]onditions precedent are consistent with the goals of the UCC and general public policy“);  See also National Title Insurance Corp. Agency v. First Union National Bank, 263 Va. 335, 559 S.E.2d 668 (2002) (agreement between the bank and the depositor, which reduced the legal time from one year to sixty days, was valid and did not change the liability regime between the bank and the customer established by the UCC). In this case, the consignment contract does not provide for an unlawful exclusion of liability from the defendant;  it does not absolve the defendant of his duty to be in good faith and of ordinary care.   On the contrary, the filing agreement is a precondition for the institution process under which the plaintiff must inform the defendant within thirty days of sending the monthly return if that monthly return expresses unauthorized transactions.

  If the plaintiff does not do so, the plaintiff is held responsible for the transaction and is prevented from asserting it against the defendant.