Collaboration Agreement Intellectual Property

The third part of a cooperation agreement that is actually drafted is called the general provisions. These are sometimes referred to as legal provisions. They include a number of important details, cooperation mechanisms and rules for implementing cooperation. The first one is pretty well written. It clearly explains the objective. From this clear statement, most readers will have an idea of what the agreement wants to achieve. Each objective of the job description should be followed by a description of the methods and approaches to be used to resolve the relevant scientific issues. In addition, each objective must be very clear about what each partner (Institute scientists and corporate scientists) will do separately and collaboratively. This statement of responsibility is perhaps the most critical element of a research agreement, because without a clear understanding of responsibilities, partners may have unrealistic expectations and be frustrated.

If we don`t know who`s going to experiment with each piece, both sides can sit down and wait in vain for the other to produce something. It cannot be stressed enough that it is very important to break down each of the scientific objectives of the work declaration into tasks and to make it clear who is responsible for each. The last part of the „General Provision“ section is the amendment procedure. Strong partnerships are developing and transforming; The agreements must therefore be amended. Indeed, many of the best community research conventions need to be constantly changed. It is not uncommon for a community research agreement to be amended as often as every six months or every year. Researchers often identify new dynamic possibilities that partners want to explore together. Thus, a well-written agreement can be modified so that the objective, the calculation of the work and the budget meet the new needs. All agreements should have a specific date for the end of cooperation.

Termination clauses can be added to determine when and under what conditions each party can terminate the contract before the end date.