Pet Sitting Service Agreement Template

If your pet is sitting or the company`s walking dog holds the keys in the file – you should urgently consider a key handling form in your pet seat contract. Many animal care companies no longer manage keys in the file. Instead, they use lockboxes that are stored in the client`s residence. If you use lockboxes, you can replace the key processing form with a key lock form. Some general guidelines in the service agreement include payment terms, payment fees, cancellation fees, vaccination requirements that are responsible for damage or medical expenses, emergency directives and much more. We have included a convention template for pet seats that you can check. Please note that this is only used as an example; You should have your consent verified by your lawyer. This employment contract and the owner`s information sheet, the information bulletins (e/s) and the attached veterinary authorization form constitute the unique and comprehensive agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement, and the parties waive the right to avail themselves of so-called express or unspoken provisions that are not included in it. Any changes to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties. Signed with __________day_ owner`s signature: `To make it easier for you to access, here are the best items that most veterinary care companies need to include in their pet seat contract.

A good veterinary discharge form allows your client to identify their favorite veterinarian, but also gives you the ability to seek medical care from any veterinarian if the senior veterinarian is not available. We have an example of Vet Release Form that you can also check out. Just like the service contract – this is only for educational purposes and we advise them to consult a legal expert when preparing your veterinary validation form. One of the most important aspects of the key processing form (or a key lock form) are specific instructions on what happens to a key when services are completed. Will you save the key for future services in the file? Will there be a fee to return the key to a customer? Managing service contracts is probably not the reason you started your pet seat business, but they are an important part of it. Take your time, seek advice from a trained lawyer and make sure your clients sign your contracts before offering services. A pet maintenance contract is a seat service contract for pets between two parties – the pet owner and the Pet Sitter. If a pet owner needs someone to look after their dog or cat, this agreement clearly indicates your pet`s normal routines and what is expected of the pet`s knight. If your pet is older or has unique needs, this Pet Sitters form can help you provide the right medications or special care. The last big piece of your pet seat contract is the payment authorization form.

In this form, you should give your customers clear instructions on how to pay their bills. If you need a credit card in the file and when you load that card for the customer, you should be very clear to explain this process to your customers. The service contract is the main document of your pet seat contract. This document outlines all your conditions and policies that clients must agree to before they can become a customer. These terms should all be very clear and rigorously applied. The main purpose of the service contract is to protect your employees and your business. In a Pet Care agreement, the customer can enter the most important details of the parties` relationship: things like a description of the services, as well as price information and how the customer is expected to pay. Many pet seating software systems (such as Time To Pet) allow you to add to v