Pledge Of Account Agreement

„Account Control Agreement,“ an agreement that is reasonably satisfactory in terms of form and content for the administrative officer and each relevant grantor, under each grantor, a bank holding such Funds Grantor153s and the administrative officer, with respect to the collection and control of all deposits and balances held in a deposit account controlled by such a large bank account with such a bank; 4.9. Federal, regional or communal claims. Each grantor informs the administrator of all guarantees held by such a Grantor s. and which represent a claim of more than $10,000,000 against the U.S. government or a national or local government or any of its instruments or agencies whose surrender is limited by federal, regional or local law. In addition, each grantor will execute these documents, these agreements and instruments and will notify the administrative officer and will take such measures (including, but not limited to, but not limited to the adoption of necessary measures under the Federal Assignment of Claims Act of 1940 as amended (31 U.S.C.C. to ensure the perfectness and priority of general accounts and intangible assets that are insured by a government or instrument agency or these obligations. , and all at the borrower`s expense. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this section 4.9, no Grantor is required to notify or take action if and to the extent that this is prohibited by federal, regional or communal law. 4.4.

Instruments, securities, cat securities, documents and deposits mortgaged. Each grantor becomes (i) the management officer immediately after this security agreement is replaced by the originals of all „Papers,“ „Securities“ (as long as they are certified), (ii) trust the administrative officer upon receipt and provide immediately after, at the request of the administrative officer153s, at the request of the administrative officer153s, after the appearance and continuation of a late payment , to the management officer (and, subsequently, to provide the administrative officer with confidence and immediately to the administrative officer) which represents security amounting to more than USD 1,000,000 and (iv) at the request of the administrative officer153 a correct implementation, in the form of Schedule „H“ on this subject (the „amendment“) under which this Grantor is assured of such additional guarantees.