Power Purchase Agreements Victoria

The flagship initiative will enable 47 Victorian councils to switch to 100% renewable energy from mid-2021. The „buyer group“ accounted for more than half of the sector`s total electricity load – equivalent to the electricity supply to 44,500 renewable energy homes, or 82,800 cars per year. We recommend that you always consult your accountant and your legal representative when selling financial contracts. AAEs are complying with Westpac`s promise to buy 100% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025 and are partnering with a growing group of large companies turning away from traditional energy sources amid the global advance to a ferocious CHARBONSTOF economy. When completed in the second half of 2019, batchelor and Manton Dam farms are expected to produce enough energy to power 5,000 homes. Westpac is the youngest major player to have signed an AAE and recently committed to sourcing 63 GWh of renewable electricity per year to power its operations around the world. The Bomen Solar Farm project, managed by listed supplier Spark Infrastructure, will include high-efficiency photovoltaic modules designed to produce more than 240 GWh of renewable energy per year – or enough to run the equivalent of all homes in the local Wagga Wagga area. „It will create additional capacity for renewable energy, which generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of 36,000 homes, and employment opportunities in the local environment.“ The Northern Territory has an AAE that will allow it to use 10% renewable energy by the end of 2019. Six EAGA members are involved in the project to secure renewable energy for the supply of electricity to municipal offices, recreation centres, streetlights and communal buildings. The boards involved in this project recognize the benefits of renewable energy to the local economy and job creation, environmental goals and cost reduction. The Northern Territory government will provide lower costs and reliable energy and the government`s goal of…

Ergon Energy crews have replenished all the safe electrical shelters that have been affected by the devastating Townsville floods… The AAE will allow the refinery to begin the transition to renewable energy, with the wind farm currently exercising one-third of its electrical load. „By 2021, AAEs would provide 45 per cent of the Bank`s 100% clean energy target, and a number of options, including rooftop solar installations in its large buildings and other supply agreements, would be evaluated to meet the 2025 target,“ Binding said. Purchasing power at a constant pace is obviously an advantage in the current fluctuating market and offers an urgent sense of security for buyers. Against a backdrop of sharp rises in electricity prices, particularly since the closure of the Hazelwood coal-fired power plant in Victoria in 2017, the desire of Australian groups to strengthen safety and lower energy prices has contributed to a sharp rush to the company`s AAE market. Octopus Investments and Edify Energy are investing more than $450 million to build Australia`s largest solar power plant at Darlington Point in New South Wales. Solar energy, energy storage, smart control technology and micro-grids are making steady progress in the way we produce, use… „Jacana Energy`s customers across the Darwin-Katherine network will benefit from clean electricity generated from renewable sources. With the use of single-axle solar photovoltaic technology, facilities can generate more electricity morning and evening.

Energetics follows the acquisition of renewable energy sales contracts in Australia. These long-term contracts are signed by some of Australia`s largest energy consumers. A well-designed AAE has the potential to offer several benefits: reduced electricity costs, ability to protect against volatility in the energy market, more budgetary security and emission reduction, in line with a net commitment of zero neutrality or carb