Red Hat Data Processing Agreement

(i) „subcontract“: any individual or corporation, public authority, agency or other agency that handles personal data on behalf of a subcontractor (including a related business of the subcontractor); Value and vision often have to provide new hosts, often in large numbers, to meet customer requests. Typically, these are virtual machines, while some customers prefer bar-metal servers. In any case, V-V employees prepare the new host in the orcharhino web interface. For virtual machines, for example, they define their performance characteristics (CPU, RAM, network, memory). Of course, it also defines the network in which the host must be in order to allow customers to access it. The other criteria are the operating system or user configuration management, including roles/class/states. Value and vision must in any case be prepared, which is why they retain data and customers for almost all operating systems that can handle orcharhino: orcharhino combines several tools for automation in data centers. Here, configuration management plays a central role – in addition to making new hosts available (see „orcharhino as a source of installation“) and making repositories available in version (see „Life Cycle Management“), this can be considered one of its essential tasks. Orcharhino users can choose between Ansible, Puppet or SaltStack for configuration management, all of which are integrated and can be used via the web graphical interface. Finesse Bank is banking on Puppet.

The tool has established itself in areas where configuration drifts should be avoided. To this end, agents are run on connected systems that regularly request their destination configuration at the Mariontenmaster. If their status differs, they take all necessary steps to achieve the desired status. For example, packages can be installed or uninstalled, services configured and launched. Puppet corrects any changes made by local users or software. In general, even at Finesse Bank, the Orcharhino plays the role of puppet master. Thus, the reports of the different puppet nails land there automatically. For each host, you can see in detail what changes have been made. If an error occurred during the race, the host is marked accordingly in the overview. This data processing addendum („Addendum“) is located between Red Hat Inc.

(„Red Hat“) and the customer (defined below) and applies when Red Hat processes personal data disclosed to it by the customer as part of your content as part of the Red Hat online service agreement (the „agreement“). This addendum takes effect from the effective date of the agreement. This addition applies only if and only to the extent that Red Hat is a personal data processor in the provision of products or services under the agreement. This amendment aims to demonstrate that the parties comply with EEA data protection legislation and all other data protection laws identified by (all „data protection laws“). At first, it was just a server. He was treated and treated with delicacy. But that was a long time ago. Today, the masters of computing centers control their countless hosts mainly through automation – for example with Foreman and Katello. These two open source tools make up the core of orcharhino, which is offered by ATIX in the Bundle along with several components other than the Happy Allround Data package. Even Red Hat has been using it for its satellite since version 6.