Advertising Agency Agreement Sample

B. The Agency is committed to ensuring appropriate cooperation in the transfer or approval of third-party interest in all contracts, agreements and other agreements with advertising materials, suppliers, talents and other agreements that will not be used, as well as all rights and rights conferred on them, after they have been duly released from the obligations provided for them. This contract terminates and replaces all previous agreements or agreements in this area. This agreement can only be changed by another handwriting duly executed by both parties. The client agrees to retain the agency as a provider of the advertising services provided below. The Agency is committed to providing these services in accordance with the terms of this agreement. If the client requires additional advertising services from the Agency, both parties negotiate the terms of these services and attach them to these conditions in addition to this contract. B. The accused undertakes to compensate the Agency for claims, Losses, liability, damages or judgments of the Agency, including reasonable legal fees and legal costs, resulting from the use of material made available by the Agency or upon instruction of the agency subject to subsection A compensation are substantially altered by the inseminator. Information or data obtained by the agency in support of information contained in the advertisement is considered „material provided by the advertiser to the Agency.“ The Agency is the [exclusive or not exclusive] advertising agency in the United States for advertisers for products described in Section 2. a. Where possible, the Agency charges all media costs to the inseminator prior to the Agency`s payment date, in order to allow a down payment from the inserter to allow it to benefit from the benefits of an available down payment or similar discount.

For all media purchases or services for which the Agency is not entitled to a commission, the Agency ensures that the fees charged to the appellant are exempt from all agency commissions and discounts. 11. The Agency releases the company and compensates the company for any losses, claims, claims, actions, proceedings, damages, costs, costs and expenses that may be collected or incurred against the company because of an act contrary to the provisions of this agreement or an agreement between the Agency and a newspaper/T.V. or any other person referring to advertising for the company`s products. The advertiser requires the Agency to provide certain services related to the planning, preparation and placement of certain advertiser products, and the Agency undertakes to provide the advertiser with certain services related to the planning, preparation and placement of certain advertiser products as follows: This is the only agreement between the client and the Agency. All additional services require a written endorsement to this agreement, which will be signed by both parties. 14. 14. This agreement is valid for one year from the date of these gifts. However, each party may terminate this contract before the one-year period expires, indicating to the other party a two-month delay in advance.