Guest Artist Agreement

The producer presents and maintains all costumes, including wigs, hats, beards, pieces of hair, tights and pipes and duly fitted shoes. The actor may agree to use items from his personal wardrobe with a rental contract established for a contract driver. Contact Equity for conditions and drivers. Please sign and return this document to actors Equity Association. Contracts are only issued when a copy of this document has been signed by the relevant regional office. 1. WAGE REQUIREMENTS. (a) the minimum wage. Minimum weekly salaries for guest artists are based on the maximum number of performances in one week. Weekly minimum wages are: Level I — $300 for the actor, $360 for the Internship Manager; Level II — $400 for the actor, $480 for the internship director; Animal Ill – $510 for the actor, $612 for the Internship Manager.

In cases where the bet is one week or less, the applicable minimum is $50 more. (b) The Actors` Equity Association`s work week (`Equity `) runs from Monday to Sunday. The producer may hire an actor at the beginning of the engagement period for less than a full week under the following conditions: (i) This period must follow one another and not exceed four days. (ii) This period should be immediately before a full week of uninterrupted work between the two. iii) For each proportional day, the payment may be at least one-sixth of the actor`s weekly contractual salary. iv) For each day of the season, the maximum weekly sampling hours must also be at least one-sixth maximum. v) Every day on a pro-rata basis must be indicated in a driver of the actor`s employment contract. (vi) If the actor is hired for more than four days, the actor must receive the full weekly salary. c) By diem. The minimum per diem is 22 USD for all a-towns players.

When you pay by plan, it`s paid every week. (d) pay day. Wages and jem are paid weekly, no later than the evening of thursday of this week`s work week. (e) the registration of wage deductions. Whether paying by cheque or in cash, the actor must be issued a stub or other set of gross salary data, a breakdown of exceptional payments (for example. B overtime, clothing rental, etc.), deductions per unit and a net salary for registrations. (f) additional tariffs. An actor cannot perform additional work without mutual agreement between the actor and the producer and negotiated additional compensation.

Additional duties that were not included in the actor`s contract at the time of the initial signing are assigned by the driver with copy to the actor and equity. g) actor/teacher. When the actor is hired as an actor/teacher, the doctrinal tasks must be clearly defined by a rider. In addition, the work week must be in accordance with the equity work week.