Lee`s Summit Agreement

The City Council`s Intergovernmental Legislative Relations Committee recommended that the Britton Group award LLC a one-year contract for lobbying in Jefferson City. The Britton Group is based in Jefferson City and has been a lobbyist for the city for three years. The new contract is valid for one year with two additional one-year renewals at a cost of $12,000 per year. The committee voted unanimously in favour of recommending the agreement to the city council. Councillors Shields, Johnson and Trish Carlyle and Mayor Bill Baird were present by teleconference for the November 16 meeting. On this date, all Lee`s Summit Municipal Division 243/263 Dockets are held via WebEx. If your case is scheduled for November or December 2020, you will receive an email invitation to the virtual court dock. The court and the prosecutor encourage you to contact the prosecutor to meet with oral arguments in your pending cases. If you have a plea agreement with the prosecutor that requires an appearance, request a virtual plea hearing on WebEx by emailing the court to LSMCVirtualDocket@cityofls.net „The agreement contains provisions that the parties agree not to discuss negotiations ahead of the agreement,“ the district said in a statement. „For this reason, neither the Board of Directors nor Dr. Carpenter will make any further statements on the agreement. We warmly thank Dr. Carpenter for his service to our students, our collaborators and the community.

Carpenter, the district`s first black superintendent, was granted a one-year extension in March and will retire with $750,000, part of which will be paid by insurance. Details of the agreement have not yet been released. Communication on collective agreements Taken into account and the possibility of public comment: the communication is made in accordance with art. 105.583 RSMo. Lee`s Summit, Missouri, City Council will discuss and review collective agreements on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. or as soon as possible. The public is invited to comment. A copy of the agreements is available on the city`s website under the www.cityofls.net or in the office of the city`s author at the town hall. „For what I want from a lobbying representative, it`s no longer worth $1,000 a month to me,“ Johnson said.

The commission reviewed two packages received in response to a request for proposal, one from the Britton Group and the other from Strategic Capitol Consulting LLC. The Committee agreed that the City`s lobbying needs would be properly met by Britton and that a doubling of current expenditures would not be warranted. The same word was used in every manufacturer`s operating manual that was ever published when the plant warranty restrictions were indicated. Don`t take our word for it. Take out your landlord`s manual, and you`ll see it: Councillor Hillary Shields had ranked the Strategic Capitol Group on the scorecards provided to the commission well above Britton, citing his more robust response and detailed expertise. But the first-year Board member said she was interested in the reactions of her more experienced colleagues to her experience with Britton. The Capitol Strategic Group proposal included a monthly fee of $2,000 per month, for a total of $24,000 per year. An extended service contract makes protection against high repair costs simple and affordable. The same restrictions that are on a factory warranty do not apply to an extended service contract.

In fact, the best rules for extended service agreements only indicate what they don`t cover! The average vehicle has more than 20,000 mobile components. Take a look at the brochure below to see our exclusions. This way, if it is not listed – it is covered! „The factory warranty is limited to the manufacturer`s and installation parts defects.“ Lee`s Summit court records are available on Case.Net under www.courts.mo.gov.