Meat Purchase Agreement

12.1. The agreement and its creation are governed exclusively by Dutch law. The applicability of Wiener`s right to sell (CISG) of April 11, 1980 is expressly excluded. 4.6. If the customer does not pick up the delivery after the agreed delivery or loading deadline, he will not be exempt from his payment obligation. 3.2. Price indicated by VRC. MeatMed.Ltd is augmented by VRC. MeatMed.

Ltd. because of the additional costs it entails as a result of higher prices, including official listings of goods to be delivered or raw materials for these goods, purchase, transport and storage prices, packaging costs, wages, taxes and social contributions, insurance premiums, etc., after the date of offer, but before the agreement is concluded. 12.3. The competent court of Den Bosch (Netherlands) has sole jurisdiction over disputes relating to or relating to the agreement, including its constitution. Vrc. MeatMed.Ltd is, however, allowed to refer the dispute to another competent court, inside or outside the Netherlands. 3.5. In the case of a fresh meat order on the EXW mode of transport, all the buyer`s trucks and/or dealers must have all the appropriate packaging and/or storage materials or equipment such as hooks and pallets to exchange. If VRC is used. The Meatmed.Ltd packaging materials must be returned by the buyer within two weeks of the loading date. The buyer`s non-restitution entails all costs associated with replacing the packaging materials invoiced to the buyer. 4.3.

VRC MeatMed Ltd can deliver or load shipments and charge them separately in sub-bills. The buyer must not suspend its payment obligations if VRC MeatMed Ltd decides to deliver or load shipments. 6.8. If the buyer believes that weight loss has been caused by causes other than cooling or freezing, he reports that weight loss to VRC. MeatMed.Ltd by fax or e-mail accompanied by an official weighing note, issued after official weigh-in and recognized, within twenty-four hours after the actual delivery of the items. 7.2. The buyer is required to store items whose title is still present in VRC. MeatMed.Ltd, separate from other objects and otherwise under reasonable conditions.

7.3. The purchaser is not allowed to sell property for which the title is still visible in VRC. MeatMed. Ltd. except in the normal state of the profession or business. This includes the use of such objects for the provision of security. 4.2. In the event that VRC MeatMed Ltd requires the down payment of the due price or the provision of a guarantee for payment within fourteen (14) calendar days following the conclusion of the contract, the delivery or loading period does not begin until after a full prepayment or warranty.

5.6 A prepayment and/or down payment and/or down payment are agreed between VRC. Meatmed.Ltd and the buyer and/or carrier, VRC. Meatmed.Ltd is entitled to keep it (once paid) as a guarantee of the correct performance of all the obligations of the buyer and/or the despediteur and in the event of a breach of the obligations of the buyer and/or the despediteur to VRC. Meatmed.Ltd to compensate for the damages suffered by VRC. Meatmed.Ltd as a result of the offence in question.