Security Agreement Vertalen

We had a discussion about the parts of the document that they wanted to translate (because the agreement was over 300 pages long and they didn`t need to be translated) and he then mentioned that he had put the file on Google Translate to get a rough idea of some legal clauses. After making sure that we had a duly signed NOA with the customer, he asked if we had signed NOA agreements with our suppliers and linguists, which we did. The client, who is himself a lawyer, wanted to have covered any legal aspect (or so he thought!). Let me tell you a story that happened a few months ago. One of our clients, a large law firm, sent us a super-confidential merger agreement in English on a merger/takeover of one of their clients. On the phone, our client has not been able to stress enough about the confidentiality and mystery of this agreement and the fact that it must be treated with discretion and caution. He indicated that this should not have been disclosed to the press prior to the official press release and that a lack of adequate protection of this information could lead to many legal issues. After being so careful with everything else, he invited the confidential agreement on INTERNET. Although the actual agreement is probably not made public (or at least should not become public!), it has clearly disclosed and stored its client`s confidential content on a server under the control of a third party, in flagrant violation of its own data protection obligations. Then, after making sure that their file was handled by our company with the level of confidentiality it requires, he abandoned THE BOMB.

After telling this story to friends and family, I concluded that our client was not the only one who was not aware of the consequences that might result from using this online service, and that`s why I decided to share this story. As far as our customers are concerned, we have offered other private software for the automatic translation of private products (and we are exploring them over and over again), because I don`t think he will use public software like Google Translate again for his work. Knowing all the facts, would you trust your work on Google Translate? „If you download, record, upload or receive content on our services, you can provide Google (and those we work with) with a worldwide license for use, hosting, storage, reproduction, editing, and the creation of derivative works (. B for example, those resulting from translations, adaptations or other changes that we make to make your content work better with our services), communicate, publish, publish, publicly publish, post and distribute publicly.“ Many people around the world use Google Translate every day, but very few of them are aware of Google`s terms of use.