Wifi Alliance Membership Agreement

Discover the benefits of membership with lower start-up fees Learn more To participate in the development of Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs and industry discussions in working groups, contributor or affiliate membership is required. To submit products for testing and certification through our authorized testing laboratories, membership as a contributor or partner is required. Products must pass tests before they can claim to be Wi-Fi certified or use the certification marks. To submit products for certification that include a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED module without modification, implementation membership may be appropriate. See a side-by-side comparison of all benefits by membership level 10900-B Stonelake Boulevard, Suite 126Austin, TX 78759Connections from the United States A: Organizations that effectively contribute to the work of the Technical Committee or Subcommittee on issues addressed by that Technical Committee or Subcommittee. Liaison Representatives B: Organizations that have expressed the wish to be kept informed of the work of the Technical Committee or the Sub-Committee. Liaison C: Organizations that make a technical contribution to the work of a working group and actively participate in the work of a working group. $20,000 per year per quarter for new members The Wi-Fi Alliance offers a variety of certification programs. For more information about programs, see www.wi-fi.org/certification/programs. If you still need help, please send your questions to certifications@wi-fi.org. for Wi-Fi products or the provision of services based on Wi-Fi specifications for wireless solutions that publicly demonstrate a legitimate business interest; AND To request login access to the Task Groups/Kavi system: Any company has the right to become a member if it proves that it is dedicated to the needs of this company by: Invoices are usually issued in early October and are due before December 31. Please check your invoice for certain dates. .